Accessing the Workflow Scratchpad from Business Rules

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Note: This article applies to Fuji. For more current information, see Accessing the Workflow Scratchpad from Business Rules at

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Role required
Functionality described here requires the Admin role.

Name: Access Workflow Scratchpad from Business Rules

Type: Business Rule

Table: sc_req_item (Requested Item)

Description: A catalog item has been requested, the attached workflow contains a run script activity that populates a value in the scratchpad. From a business rule running on the requested item, we want to retrieve or set scratchpad values.

Parameters: n/a


//the run script activity sets a value in the scratchpad
workflow.scratchpad.important_msg = "scratch me";

//get the workflow script include helper
var workflow = new Workflow();

//get the requested items workflow context
//this will get all contexts so you'll need to get the proper one if you have multiple workflows for a record
var context = workflow.getContexts(current);
//make sure we have a valid context
if ( {
  //get a value from the scratchpad
  var msg = context.scratchpad.important_msg;
  //msg now equals "scratch me", that was set in the run script activity

  //add or modify a scratchpad value
  context.scratchpad.status = "completed";
  //we need to save the context record to save the scratchpad
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