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Incident Management
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Note: This article applies to Fuji. For more current information, see Categorizing Incidents at

The Wiki page is no longer being updated. Please refer to for the latest product documentation.

1 Overview

Assigning incident tickets to categories and subcategories can greatly improve the clarity and granularity of report data. For example, without good categorization of incidents, you'd never know how many network-related versus telephone-related incidents you had from week to week.

The platform can also use an incident's category/subcategory to automatically assign it to a specific fulfillment group to work on it (i.e., "Network" tickets should automatically go to the Network group, without anyone having to do anything more than assign the category. For more information, see Defining an Assignment Rule for Incidents.

2 Out-of-Box Incident Categories and Subcategories

Category Subcategory
Request Password Reset
Password Expired
Account Locked
Inquiry / Help Anti-Virus
Internal Application
Software Email
Operating System
Hardware CPU
Network DHCP
IP Address
Database DB2
MS SLQ Server

3 Adding or Removing Incident Categories or Subcategories

Role required
Functionality described here requires the Admin role.

To add or remove Incident categories or subcategories:

  1. Navigate to Incident > Create New.
  2. Right-click the Category or Subcategory field and select Configure Choices (Personalize Choices in versions prior to Fuji). The Subcategory field is not on the form by default, and may need to be added.
  3. To add new categories, click New, specify a Label and Value, and click Submit.
  4. To add existing categories, highlight the desired category and click Add.
  5. To remove existing categories, highlight the unwanted category and click Remove.
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