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1 Overview

Personal lists modify a specific list view according to individual preferences. Users can create personal lists. Personal list customizations do not affect what other users see in their lists. Administrators can manage the personal lists function.

2 Personal List Layout Options

Personal list layout options include:

  • Column selection and order
  • Row spacing
  • Text wrapping
  • List editing
  • List highlighting
UI15 Personalize List

UI11 Personalize List

3 Personalizing a List

To personalize a list:

  1. Open the list.
  2. Click the personalize list icon (Personalize list icon UI15.png in UI15, Gear.png in previous UIs) in the upper left corner.
  3. Use the slushbucket to select the columns and the desired order.
    The first non-reference field automatically links to the form view of the record. For this reason, consider using the record number as the first column in your personal list layout.
  4. Select display options.
    • To display long text on more than one line, select the Wrap column text check box. Clear the check box to display text on one line.
    • To condense the vertical space between rows , select the Compact rows check box. Clear the check box to use standard row spacing.
    • To highlight list rows as the cursor passes over them, select the Enable list highlighting check box. Clear the check box to restore the static, alternate row highlighting.
    • To use updated field status indicators available in UI15 and UI14, select the Modern cell coloring check box. Clear the check box to use field status indicators available in UI11 and the classic interface.
  5. Select list editing options (requires setup).
    • To allow the list editor to open for the list, select the Enable list edit check box. Clear the check box to prevent the list editor from opening for the list.
    • To open the list editor with a double-click, select the Double click to edit check box. Clear the check box to open the list editor using a single click.
  • To reset a list to the default layout, click the personalize list icon and select the Reset to column defaults check box.
  • If a list is personalized, an indicator (List personalized UI15.png in UI15, ListPersonalized.png in previous UIs) appears in the upper left corner.
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