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1 Overview

In ServiceNow, the Database Catalog lists all the catalog objects, or databases, discovered for an instance of a database. For example, the ServiceNow catalog view of a single instance of Microsoft SQL Server might contain several dozen catalogs, each of which contains SQL Server tables. In the base platform, ServiceNow enables administrators to populate catalog views of common database products such as Oracle, MySQL, and SQL Server, and provides a Discovery probe and sensor for creating Microsoft SQL Server catalog views and for updating those catalogs in the CMDB.

Note: Different database manufacturers use the term catalog differently. For example, MySQL uses database to mean catalog.

2 Viewing Database Catalogs

To view a database catalog, navigate to Configuration > Database Catalogs and select a database.

A list of all the catalogs in the database appears.


An example of a database catalog is the Microsoft SQL Server catalog on the sandb01 server, which is populated in the CMDB automatically by a default probe called Windows - Get SQL Information. Click the link in the Database Instance column to view the CI for the selected SQL Server database. The list of catalogs for that database is included in the MSFT SQL Catalogs related list.


3 Generating Catalogs

Database catalogs can be imported into ServiceNow from a third-party discovery tool, entered into the platform manually, or discovered by ServiceNow Discovery. The Windows - Get SQL Information probe is configured to populate the MSSQL Database Catalog in the CMDB. To generate catalog data for other databases with Discovery, create probes and sensors for those databases. See Discovery Probes and Sensors for instructions. To use Discovery to generate database catalogs, install the Discovery Plugin.


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