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Scripting Glide and Jelly
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1 Overview

Glide is an extensible Web 2.0 development platform written in Java that facilitates rapid development of forms-based workflow applications (work orders, trouble ticketing, and project management, for example).

2 User Interface Stack Technology Map

Java Packages Technologies Used
User Interface (Browser) DHTML
GlideServlet Apache Jelly
com.glide.script Business Rules Mozilla Rhino
com.glide.db Persistence JDBC

2.1 GlideServlet

The primary driver of Glide, and the only servlet in the system, is found in The GlideServlet:

  • Handles inbound action requests
  • Renders pages
  • Merges data with forms
  • Presents to user
  • Interfaces with script layer

2.2 Business Rules

  • ECMA / JavaScript implementation based on Mozilla Rhino
  • Interfaces with persistence layer using JDBC recordset interface
  • Merges persistence layer meta-data with data for easy correlation

2.3 Persistence

  • Persistence means any store
    • RDBMS
    • LDAP
    • File system
  • Uniform access regardless of store type
  • Provides QUID and meta-data capabilities
  • Interfaces presented to callers
    • RecordSet
    • TableDescriptor
    • ElementDescriptor

3 Diagram


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