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1 Overview

The Book Creator tool has been provided to easily group pages of the wiki together and export them to PDF. This can be done in one of two ways:

The book will always populate with the most recent version of the articles at the time of download.

2 Downloading a Pre-Made Book

To download a pre-made book, select a book from the Bookshelf or from a link in a topic box (Topicbook.png). Select PDF to download the PDF.


3 Creating a Personal Book

In addition to downloading pre-made books, personal books can be made using the book creator tool to group together any set of wiki pages.

  1. Click Create a Book under the PRINT section of the wiki navigation pane.
    The book creator page appears.

    Collection Extension - Create a book box.png

  2. Click Start book creator.
    The book creator tool appears at the top of the screen.

    Collection Extension - Hover and add.png

  3. To add a page to a book, navigate to the page and click Add this page to your book in the book creator tool.
    Click Remove this page from your book to remove a page.
  4. When you have added all the desired pages to your book, click Show book in the book creator tool.
    The book management page appears.

    Show book.png

  5. Add a Title and Subtitle for the book.
  6. [Optional] Customize the book by adding chapters or reordering pages.
  7. Download or order a copy of your book:
    • Click Download as PDF to download the book as a PDF file. Note that some users have experienced issues when printing using Adobe PDF software. An alternative PDF reader should be used if any printing errors occur.
    • Click Preview with PediaPress to render a preview of your book on a third-party printing service website. You can order a printed copy of the book.