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Note: This article applies to Fuji and earlier releases. For more current information, see ITIL at

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ITIL Glossary


The IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) uses a number of specialized terms. This page provides localized glossaries of commonly used ITIL terms. All glossaries are available as PDF documents. For information regarding ServiceNow specific terms and acronyms, see the Glossary of Terms and Glossary of Acronyms.


Language Glossary
English File:ITIL 2011 English glossary v1.0.pdf
Arabic File:ITIL 2011 Arabic Glossary v1.1.pdf
Brazilian Portuguese File:ITIL 2011 Brazilian Portuguese Glossary v1.0.pdf
Chinese - Simplified File:ITIL 2011 Chinese Simplified Glossary v1.2.pdf
Chinese - Traditional File:ITIL 2011 Chinese (Traditional) Glossary v1.0.pdf
Czech File:ITIL 2011 Czech Glossary v1.0.pdf
Danish File:ITIL 2011 Danish Glossary v1.0.pdf
Dutch File:ITIL 2011 Dutch glossary v1.0.pdf
Finnish File:ITIL 2011 Finnish Glossary v1.0.pdf
French File:ITIL 2011 French Glossary v1.1.pdf
German File:ITIL 2011 German Glossary v1 1b pdf.pdf
Hungarian File:ITIL 2011 Hungarian Glossary v1.0.pdf
Italian File:ITIL 2011 Italian Glossary v1.0.pdf
Japanese File:ITIL 2011 Japanese Glossary v1.0.pdf
Korean File:ITIL 2011 Korean Glossary v1.0.pdf
Polish File:ITIL 2011 Polish Glossary v1.0.pdf
Romanian File:ITIL 2011 Romanian Glossary v1.0.pdf
Russian File:ITIL 2011 Russian Glossary v1.0.pdf
Spanish - Castilian File:ITIL 2011 Spanish (Castilian) Glossary v1.0.pdf
Spanish - Latin American File:ITIL 2011 Spanish (Latin American) Glossary v1.0.pdf
Swedish File:ITIL 2011 Swedish Glossary v1.0.pdf
Vietnamese File:ITIL 2011 Vietnamese Glossary v1.0.pdf
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