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Note: This article applies to Fuji and earlier releases. For more current information, see Internationalization Support at

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1 Overview

ServiceNow supports multiple languages, using UTF-8 for international characters. When a user logs in, the system uses either the system default language or the language specified in the user record. This setting determines the language in which forms and messages are displayed throughout the session. For more information on language support, see Language Internationalization.

2 Activating Language Plugins

By default, the language supported by the platform is American English. To add other languages, activate the associated plugin via System Definition > Plugins. The following plugins are currently available:

  • I18N: Brazilian Portuguese Translations
  • I18N: Czech Translations (available starting with the Calgary Patch 2 release)
  • I18N: Dutch Translations
  • I18N: Estonian Translations (available for customers on the Eureka release or prior)
  • I18N: Finnish Translations (available starting with the Calgary Patch 2 release)
  • I18N: French - Canada Translations
  • I18N: French Translations
  • I18N: German Translations
  • I18N: Hebrew Translations (available starting with the Calgary Patch 2 release)
  • I18N: Hungarian Translations
  • I18N: Italian Translations
  • I18N: Japanese Translations
  • I18N: Korean Translations
  • I18N: Polish Translations
  • I18N: Portuguese Translations
  • I18N: Russian Translations
  • I18N: Simplified Chinese Translations
  • I18N: Spanish Translations
  • I18N: Thai Translations
  • I18N: Traditional Chinese Translations
  • I18N: Turkish Translations (available starting with the Dublin EA8)

In addition, the I18N: Internationalization plugin provides the elements necessary for translating an instance without any translation preloaded. This plugin is useful for translating an instance to a language other than those listed above.

Administrators can activate the I18N: Internationalization plugin starting with the Dublin release. In releases prior to Dublin, you can request this plugin from Technical Support.

3 Enhancements

3.1 Eureka

  • The Enable I18N Debugging module allows you to enable translation prefixes for the current session.
  • A new translation prefix is available to indicate translatable choice list choices.
  • To activate the I18N: Estonian Translations plugin, administrators must make a request to technical support.

3.2 Dublin

  • Right-to-left language support for languages such as Hebrew is available in certain areas in the main user interface and on live feed.
  • New language plugins for Czech, Finnish, and Hebrew. These languages are first available with the Calgary Patch 2 release.
  • New language plugin for Turkish.

3.3 Calgary

  • The term Quebecois was changed to read French - Canada.
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