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Note: The latest release that this documentation applies to is Fuji. For documentation on the Geneva release, see Labels for derived fields. Documentation for later releases is also on

1 Overview

A derived field is a field that is not in the primary table that is being displayed, but is instead a field that is obtained by following a reference from the primary table to some other table. An example would be displaying the caller's email address when looking at an incident record. The caller's email address is not actually stored in the Incident table but is obtained by following the caller reference from the incident to the User table.

2 Controlling the Label Type

The label that is used on the form next to the caller's email address can be either:

  • Caller Email which represents the complete label to uniquely identify this field as the email from the Callers User record. If you were also to display the email for the person the ticket was assigned to, its label would be Assigned to Email.
  • Email which is the label for the target field. The label might not be unique on the form if, for example, you were also displaying the email address of the person assigned to the incident. However, usually the placement of the field on the form would make it clear that what the field represents.

You can control the label type by setting a system property. Navigate to System Properties > System, and look for the following property:


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