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Note: This article applies to Fuji and earlier releases. For more current information, see Live Feed at

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Live Feed
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1 Overview

Live feed is a social IT application that provides a place to post and share content in a ServiceNow instance. This content forms a searchable knowledge source for sharing information within an organization. Main features include the following:

  • Users can post, reply to, and rate messages, including links and images.
  • Administrators can set up automatic messages that are generated when specific records are updated throughout the system.
  • Users can subscribe to receive email notifications when new messages are posted.

Live feed includes different types of feeds.

An example of the My Live Feeds feature

See Live Feed UI Overview for general instructions on using live feed features. See Using Live Feed to Work on Records for information on how to interact with live feed on record forms.

Note: Many of these features are part of live feed v2, which is available starting with the Fuji release. Live Feed v2 is active for all new instances by default. If you are upgrading from an earlier version of ServiceNow, you need to activate live feed v2 to use these features. If you are using live feed v1, or have not activated live feed v2, see Legacy: Live Feed.

2 Browser Support

The Live Feed v2 plugin does not support Internet Explorer 7 through 9. Users who access the instance from those browser versions can use Live Feed v1 functionality. Users who access the instance from browsers that are compatible with HTML5 can use Live Feed v2 functionality.

3 Menus and Modules

The Social IT application appears in the application navigator, with modules for using and administering live feed.

Social IT application
For all users:
  • Live Feed: opens the live feed application for the current user.

Administrators and users with the live_feed_admin role see the following items under Feed Administration:

  • Messages, Profiles, Likes, Search Log, Hashtags, and Group Profiles: provide access to tables for viewing live feed data (see New Tables). Extending or modifying data in these tables is not recommended.
  • Table Notifications: opens the Live Table Notifications table, where administrators can define automatically generated messages. To learn more, see Setting Up Live Feed Table Notifications.
  • Properties: opens the Social IT Properties page.

4 Activating Live Feed

Live feed is active for all instances. Live feed v2 is active on all new instances starting with the Fuji release. For instances upgrading from a version prior to Fuji, an administrator can activate the Live Feed v2 plugin.

5 Enhancements

5.1 Fuji

  • Table notification filter conditions support changes, changesTo, and changesFrom operators.
  • Knowledge article IDs added to live feed messages are automatically converted to links to a knowledge base in organization's instance.
  • URLs added to live feed messages are automatically converted to links.
  • Code added to live feed messages retains newline and tab formatting.
  • Using My Feed, new messages and replies to existing messages can be sent to all users in the feed.
  • Using Company Feed, replies to existing messages can be sent to all users in the feed.
  • A new property, glide.live_feed.auto_join_document_group, enables automatic membership to a record feed whenever the associated document is visited and the user clicks Show Live Feed. This behavior is also active if the glide.ui.show_live_feed_activity property is set to true.

5.2 Eureka

  • Domain separation is enabled for the Live Feed application. This enhancement adds a sys_domain field to live feed tables. For more information, see Domain Assignment.
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