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Note: This article applies to Fuji and earlier releases. For more current information, see Microsoft SCCM Integration at

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1 Overview

The Microsoft SMS/SCCM integration is a one direction import of SMS/SCCM data into ServiceNow's Configuration Management Database (CMDB). The integration keeps the ServiceNow CMDB up to date with SMS / SCCM SQLServer database. Relevant data is imported from the SMS / SCCM database to the CMDB. The SMS / SCCM database is considered an authoritative source and is not written to. The import is achieved using a JDBC connection via the MID Server. This functionality requires the Integration - Microsoft SMS / SCCM 2.0 plugin.

2 Activating the Plugin

The Integration - Microsoft SMS / SCCM 2.0 plugin can be activated by an administrator and also activates the Integration - JDBC plugin.

3 Information Imported

The following information is imported from SMS/SCCM:

  • PC Hardware (Model, Manufacturer, memory, clock speed, number of CPUs, etc.)
  • Software packages installed (Office, Photoshop, iTunes, etc.)
  • Operating System Information (Name, Service Pack)
  • User and Domain information
  • Disk information (physical, network, and logical)
  • Network (IP Address, Netmask)

4 Modules Provided

The following are the configuration and operational modules for this integration.

  • Setup
    • Configure the data sources from one form
    • Specify Database server settings and MID server
    • Test configuration
  • Scheduled Import
    • Schedule the execution of the import or import immediately
  • Data Sources
    • A list of the pre-configured data sources defining the external CMDB database
  • Progress
    • A historical list of progress on scheduled imports
  • Transform History
    • A historical list of transformations performed during scheduled imports

5 Import Set Data

The SMS / SCCM import set data section shows a list of import set tables used in containing data retrieved from using JDBC to query the SMS / SCCM database. The module names (hence the import set tables they point to) match SMS's table names and structure that it is loading from.

  • Scheduled Cleanup
    • Configure a schedule to cleanup/delete import set data that have already been transformed
  • System
  • Computer System
  • Processor
  • Operating System
  • PC Bios
  • Disk
  • Network
  • Software

When viewing each of these table lists, at the end of the list you have links to other operational functions of the import set.

Iset list actions.jpg

6 Web Services

This section lists the modules that define the web service import set tables - the schema for the import set tables that are receiving the JDBC import. From each web service, you can add/remove fields as well as access the transform maps to make modifications.

Sms computer ws.jpg

Sms computer ws2.jpg

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