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User Administration

1 Overview

The base system uses the default Apache session timeout of 30 minutes. After 30 minutes of inactivity in the application, the platform logs the user out automatically, unless the Remember Me check box in the login screen is selected. Making the interval longer can lead to the unnecessary maintenance of inactive sessions in memory. It is recommended to adjust this timeout setting to no more than a few hours, although up to 24 hours is workable.

Note: This article applies to Fuji and earlier releases. For more current information, see Manage User Sessions at

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2 Creating and Setting the Property

To set the session timeout manually:

  1. Clear the Remember Me check box in the login screen.
  2. Add a new property using the following values:
    • Name: glide.ui.session_timeout
    • Description: Type a brief description. In this case, enter something like Override the default session timeout (30). This value is in minutes.
    • Type: Select the appropriate data type. In this case, select Integer.
    • Value: Change the default value from 30 minutes to a value of your choice.
Note: The session timeout can also be set through installation exit customizations.

3 Notes and Limitations

  • Ajax calls to the server keep the session alive (such as Labels and Refreshing homepages).
  • Polling keeps the session alive when the chat desktop is open (requires the Chat plugin).
  • Administrators can add the following properties to the System Properties table (starting with the Dublin release):
    • Handles errors for timed out Ajax requests when set to true.
    • Automatically resubmits timed-out Ajax requests when set to true and the Remember Me checkbox is selected or automatically set. A popup appears to users asking them to continue.
    • glide.ui.auto_req.extend.session: When set to true, the system automatically extends a user's session by the value the user selects for the homepage refresh time. If there is no homepage refresh time, the standard timeout value applies. Tablet and mobile devices do not support this property. When set to false, user sessions will timeout if the Remember me checkbox is clear. The timeout is based on whether there is a homepage refresh time. When there is no homepage refresh time, the standard timeout value applies. When there is a homepage refresh time, the user session times out after the timeout value plus one interval of the homepage refresh time. For example, if a user selects to refresh interval of 5 minutes, then user sessions expires after the timeout value plus five minutes.
Note: Users who select the Remember me checkbox will never timeout and are unaffected by session timeout properties.
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