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Note: This article applies to Fuji and earlier releases. For more current information, see ODBC Driver at http://docs.servicenow.com

The ServiceNow Wiki is no longer being updated. Visit http://docs.servicenow.com for the latest product documentation.

Web Services

1 Overview

The ServiceNow ODBC driver allows an ODBC client to connect to the ServiceNow platform for reporting. The driver is compliant to version 3.52 of the Microsoft ODBC core API conformance. The ServiceNow ODBC driver uses the ServiceNow web services support for a query-only interface. Because it uses the web services interface, platform-wide access control (ACL) is enforced and data security is in place.

Note: The ServiceNow ODBC driver has these limitations:
  • The ODBC driver supports only SELECT statements or read-only functions, and does not modify your instance data.
  • There is no supported way to use the ODBC driver with a Java client application or with a Java JDBC-ODBC bridge.

2 Downloading the ODBC Driver

The ODBC driver is available from the ServiceNow Knowledge Base. If you do not have access to the Knowledge Base, contact your ServiceNow administrator.

Note: Versions older than of the ODBC Driver are no longer supported.

3 Working with ODBC

To quickly set up and run the ODBC Driver, use the ODBC quick start guide and video tutorial. Use these links for more detailed setup and configuration instructions:

  1. Install the ODBC driver or upgrade an existing ODBC installation.
  2. Configure the ODBC driver.
  3. Test the configuration.
  4. Use your applications with ODBC.
  5. Use the ODBC driver, following ODBC best practices.

For troubleshooting information, see the knowledge base articles troubleshooting ODBC driver issues and troubleshooting common ODBC error messages.

4 Using Client Applications with the ODBC Driver

See the following pages for examples of how to use the ODBC driver to create data sources from other applications.

5 ODBC Troubleshooting Resources

Several ODBC troubleshooting articles are available on the HI knowledge base.

6 Enhancements

6.1 Fuji

6.2 Dublin

  • When export query strings become large enough to impact performance, the ODBC driver converts the data type from VARCHAR to the LONGVARCHAR data type.
  • The ODBC driver respects character limits set in the dictionary.
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