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1 Overview

Basic Orchestration activities are not intended for any type of special configuration.

2 Resolve DNS Name

The Resolve DNS Name activity takes an IP address or a fully qualified domain name (FQDN), which it resolves into one or more IP addresses. The domain name is sent through the MID Server to the domain name system (DNS) to resolve the name. If a single IP address is returned, it is stored in two scratchpad variables: resolved_ip and resolved_ips. If multiple IP addresses are returned, the first IP address is stored in the resolved_ip variable, and all the addresses are stored in the resolved_ips variable. If an IP address is provided instead of an FQDN, this address is output directly to both scratchpad variables. Your ServiceNow instance must have access to a MID Server configured to use Resolve DNS to run this activity.

2.1 Input Variables

Field Description
FQDN The fully qualified domain name to resolve or an IP address.

3 Run Probe

The Run Probe activity launches a MID Server probe on behalf of a document. All Orchestration activities that launch a probe on a target machine are based on the Run Probe activity. Your ServiceNow instance must have access to a MID Server configured to use SSH to run this activity.

3.1 Input Variables

Field Description
Probe Select a MID Server probe from the list. This is the name of the probe as it appears in the discovery_probes table.
Source for probe Enter the IP address of the host system against which the probe runs (the probe's target).
Sensor script The script to run using the results of the probe. The output from the probe is contained in a variable called output. Any error from the probe is contained in a variable called error.

4 SNMP Query

The SNMP Query activity queries an SNMP device. Your ServiceNow instance must have access to a MID Server configured to use SNMP to run this activity. .

4.1 Input Variables

Field Description
Hostname Hostname or IP address of the SNMP device being queried.
OID List A list of unique object identifiers used to identify SNMP devices.
Sensor Script The script that processes the XML payload returned by the query.

5 SOAP Request

The SOAP Request activity executes a SOAP request on a target server. See SOAP Message for an alternative to this activity.

5.1 Input Variables

Field Description
SOAP URL The SOAP endpoint.
Username User name for basic authentication credentials.
Password Password for basic authentication credentials.
Envelope Script Script for setting up parameters for the Web Service.
Sensor Script The script to execute after the request has been made and a response has been received.

6 Test Server Alive

The Test Server Alive activity determines if a target system is alive by its response to a particular protocol. Your ServiceNow instance must have access to a MID Server configured to use an appropriate protocol for accessing the server to run this activity.

6.1 Input Variables

Field Description
Port Probes A comma separated list of protocols to use to check for signs of activity on the target machine (example: wmi,wins,https,ssh,http,snmp,dns)
Hostname Hostname or IP address of the target system to check.
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