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1 Overview

If you are currently using Project Management v1, and intend to upgrade to Project Management v2, read this entire article. Version 1 customers upgrading to v2 must perform some initial analysis prior to loading the v2 plugin.

2 Who does this apply to?

When you upgrade from Project Management v1 to v2, the system makes many changes to remove all the old, v1 functionality, and make way for the new v2 files. We want to ensure that no customizations in the system get overwritten in this process. Contact ServiceNow Technical Support prior to loading the v2 plugin if you are a v1 customer and you have:

  • Modified any of the v1 Business Rules, Security Rules, UI Policies, Client Scripts, forms, or lists.
  • Added your own Business Rules, Security Rules, UI Policies, Client Scripts to the pm_project or pm_project_task tables.
  • Data in the pm_project or pm_project_task tables that is not accounted for in the Data capture section below (basically if you have added custom fields and want that data moved to the new system).

3 Worst case

Forms/Lists - If you've modified any pm_project or pm_project_task forms or lists, we won't be able to overwrite them with our new forms and lists (as you now own them), so after the upgrade they'll look as if they're missing some of their fields. This is due to us dropping most of the older fields, and replacing them with new ones. Fixing this is as simple as configuring the forms and lists again and re-adding the appropriate fields.

Data - When you upgrade your projects will be converted to the new v2 system. But the data in any custom fields might be left behind. Recovery of this data is simple, but is something that's not preferable if we can get ahead of it.

Policy - If you've made any changes to the out-of-box business rules, or have made any of your own policy, it may conflict with the new v2 policy.

If you find that any of these might apply to you, please contact ServiceNow Technical Support prior to loading the v2 plugin.

4 The upgrade process

4.1 Data Capture

Prior to making any changes to your system, we capture all existing projects (pm_project) and project tasks (pm_project_task) for the later step of reinserting all the data into the new structures. We capture the following fields:

  • name (NOTE: short_description is NOT captured - rather, the name field is used to populate short_description. If a customer is using short_description in Project Management v1, they must copy those values to the name field BEFORE upgrading to v2)
  • order
  • state
  • description
  • cmdb_ci
  • url
  • work_notes
  • comments
  • location
  • priority
  • impact
  • urgency
  • number
  • estimated_cost
  • project_lead
  • assigned_to
  • assignment_group
  • planned_start_date
  • planned_end_date
  • planned_duration
  • parent
  • project
  • active
  • percent_complete
  • actual_start_date
  • actual_end_date
  • actual_duration
  • automate
  • company
Note: If you have added custom fields to the task, pm_project, or pm_project_task tables, the data is not captured and is therefore not reinserted after the upgrade. If this occurs, contact ServiceNow Technical Support prior to loading the v2 plugin. We will help you export the custom data and reimport it after the upgrade.

4.2 Fields removed

After capturing all the appropriate data, the following fields from the original v1 plugin are no longer used and are removed from the system:

  • pm_project - name
  • pm_project - automate
  • pm_project - template
  • pm_project - task_count
  • pm_project - planned_start_date
  • pm_project - planned_end_date
  • pm_project - planned_duration
  • pm_project - actual_start_date
  • pm_project - actual_end_date
  • pm_project - actual_duration
  • pm_project - estimated_cost
  • pm_project - project_lead
  • pm_project - template
  • pm_project_task - name
  • pm_project_task - has_child
  • pm_project_task - project
  • pm_project_task - uid
  • pm_project_task - planned_start_date
  • pm_project_task - planned_end_date
  • pm_project_task - planned_duration
  • pm_project_task - actual_start_date
  • pm_project_task - actual_end_date
  • pm_project_task - actual_duration
  • pm_project_task - estimated_cost
  • task - order

4.3 Policy Removed

All v1 Business Rules, UI Policies, Security Rules, Client Scripts, and so on are removed as part of the upgrade. With the upgrade, you get an entirely new set of rules that are better designed to work with v2.

If you have customized any of the v1 Business Rules, or created any of your own rules against the pm_project or pm_project_task tables, these rules must be removed manually (to prevent them from interrupting any of the new functionality).

4.4 Data Reinserted

After capturing your data, removing the old fields, and removing the old policy, we insert the new v2 fields and policy. Once that is complete, we reinsert your data. We reinsert most of the attributes listed above into the same fields. We also convert some of your old data using the following rules:

  • Name becomes Short description
  • Order gets converted to relationships in the planned_task_rel_planned_task table
  • Documentation becomes HTML description
  • Estimated cost (estimated_cost) becomes Estimated cost (cost)
  • Project lead becomes Assigned to (only for project records)
  • Planned start date (planned_start_date) becomes Planned start date (start_date)
  • Planned end date (planned_end_date) becomes Planned end date (end_date)
  • Planned duration (planned_duration) becomes Planned duration (duration)
  • Project becomes Top task
  • Actual start date (actual_start_date) becomes Actual start date (work_start)
  • Actual end date (actual_end_date) becomes Actual start date (work_end)
  • Actual duration (actual_duration) becomes Actual duration (work_duration)
  • Automate gets converted to all project tasks in the form of their Time constraint...'ASAP' if automate was checked, 'Start on' if not

5 What should I do?

The best way to be sure that your upgrade is guaranteed to go smoothly is to contact Technical Support and let us do a quick analysis of your system. We'll be able to tell you whether additional work will be necessary in order to complete your upgrade. But if you'd like to do it on your own, follow these steps:

5.1 Data backup

If you think you're ok, but want a fail-safe, go ahead and do the following:

  • Create a report against the 'Project (pm_project)' table. Make it a list report, not grouped, selecting ALL columns to be displayed.
  • Run the report, and when the results come back, right-click on the header bar of the list, and choose 'Export -> Excel'.
  • Now do the exact same process for the 'Project task (pm_project_task)' table.

Taking this rudimentary data backup ensures that we can quickly recover if any data is lost during the upgrade.

5.2 Reconfigure forms and lists

If you had made changes to them while using the original v1 plugin, your forms and lists may look odd after your upgrade. Not to worry, they just need to be reset using our new fields. Feel free to configure them any way you'd like, but here are the defaults:

5.2.1 Project form (default view)


5.2.2 Project task form (default view)


5.2.3 Project list (default view)


5.2.4 Project task list (default view)


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