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Note: The latest release this documentation applies to is Fuji. For the Helsinki release, see Release Notes. Documentation for later releases is also on


Release small.png This page lists release notes for software versions. To sort a table in descending or ascending order, click the sorting icon in the column heading.

Feature releases contain new functionality and fixes to existing functionality. Patch releases and hot fixes provide problem fixes and are released as needed. For more information about the ServiceNow release cycle, see Upgrades and the Release Cycle. For more information about how to upgrade your instance, see Upgrade to Helsinki or Upgrade to Istanbul.

Q1 2017 QPP Targets

Releases Patch Target Option Release Notes
Geneva Geneva Patch 10 Geneva
Helsinki Helsinki Patch 7 Helsinki

  • Targets are subject to change prior to patching. Target versions for a quarter change only if absolutely necessary.
  • Eureka became unsupported with the release of Helsinki.

Geneva, Helsinki, and Istanbul Releases

The Geneva, Helsinki, and Istanbul releases are documented at

For release notes, see:

Mobile Versions

For the latest iOS and Android mobile application release notes, refer to KB0598602.

Password Reset

Password Reset Windows Application - Release Notes

Archived Versions

The following releases are no longer supported with patches and hot fixes. Upgrading instances to a current version is recommended.

ODBC Driver

Release Notes Release Type Date Available
ODBC Driver Release Notes - 1.0.11 Patch 2016-10-27
ODBC Driver Release Notes - 1.0.9 Patch 2015-04-16
ODBC Driver Release Notes - 1.0.8 Patch 2015-02-26
ODBC Driver Release Notes - Patch 2014-09-17
ODBC Driver Release Notes - 1.0.7 Patch 2014-05-20
ODBC Driver Release Notes - 1.0.5 Patch 2013-11-14
ODBC Driver Release Notes - 2013-09-06-1413 Patch 2013-09-06
ODBC Driver Release Notes - 2012-11-09-15-13 Patch 2012-11-09
ODBC Driver Release Notes - 2011-12-15-21-03-46 Patch 2011-12-15
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