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Note: This article applies to Fuji and earlier releases. For more current information, see Browser Support at

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1 Generally Supported Web Browsers

The ServiceNow platform supports the latest version or service pack of these browsers for most features unless otherwise indicated on the ServiceNow Wiki.

  • Internet Explorer (7 and up) for Windows
  • Firefox (31 and up) for Windows, Mac, and Linux
  • Safari (6.0 and up) for Mac
  • The latest public release of Google Chrome for Windows and Mac
  • There are additional browser requirements for UI15 and UI14, enhanced user interfaces introduced in the Fuji and Eureka releases, respectively.
  • Internet Explorer 11 is susceptible to memory leaks, which may impact performace, especially in Windows 7.
  • Setting Security Mode to High in Internet Explorer (via Internet Options > Security tab) is not supported.
  • Edge mode in Internet Explorer is not supported in UI11 or the classic UI.
  • There is a security issue in some versions of Safari that affects ServiceNow. User credentials may be disclosed to an unexpected site via autofill. For more information, see the Apple security update.

1.1 Cookie Requirement

Cookies must be enabled on your browser for the user login to function properly.

2 Tablet and Mobile Device Support

The ServiceNow platform supports these browsers for most features unless otherwise indicated on the ServiceNow Wiki.

  • Safari® for Apple®
    • Fuji or later: iOS 7 and up
    • Eureka or earlier: iOS 6 and up
  • BlackBerry® browser (4.6.0 and up)
  • Chrome™ browser for Android™ (OS 4.0.3 and up)

For more details, see Tablet Support and Smartphone Interface Support.

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