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Tiny URL Support
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1 Overview

Available with the Spring 2010 Stable 2 release, the Tiny URL Support Plugin enables support for generating shortened URLs. Internal URLs are shortened automatically to not exceed the 2083 character Microsoft limit. For information on how URLs are structured in the ServiceNow platform, see URL Components.

Tiny URL Support Plugin is activated automatically for all new ServiceNow instances but is not enabled. Enable this plugin if Microsoft Internet Explorer displays failure to open page errors during routine operations in the ServiceNow platform.

2 Installed with This Plugin

Two system properties (System Properties > System) are created by this plugin.

Property Description
glide.use_tiny_urls Shortens URLs too large for IE (greater than 2083) to a Tiny URL. This property is disabled (false) by default.
glide.tiny_url_min_length Minimum length of a redirect URL that is turned into a tiny URL (default=1024)
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