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1 Overview

ServiceNow offers a professional certification program. Certification assures employers and peers that you possess the skills and knowledge to perform the duties involved in ServiceNow system administration.

2 Resources

To plan the ServiceNow education that will help you achieve your certification goals, review these resources.

3 ServiceNow Certified System Administrator

Becoming a Certified System Administrator establishes competency for continuing to the advanced levels of ServiceNow knowledge. The Certified System Administrator Exam Blueprint (PDF) contains specific details about the prerequisites, learning objectives, and format of the ServiceNow Certified System Administrator exam. Sample questions are provided.

The Certified System Administrator exam should be taken after completing the 3-day System Administration course and it is recommended that certification candidates have at least six months to a year of ServiceNow system experience.

The System Administration course achieves these learning objectives through instruction taught by professional trainers, hands-on exercises, and live demonstrations. Visit the ServiceNow Training web page for class descriptions and to view the list of ServiceNow Authorized Training Partners.

4 Register for a Certification Exam

ServiceNow offers several exam delivery options through the Kryterion Webassessor testing platform. Schedule your exam appointment today!

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