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Note: This article applies to Fuji and earlier releases. For more current information, see Configuration Management at

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1 Overview

By default, the forms that display manageable configuration items (CI) - computers, printers, network gear, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), and power distribution units (PDU) - provide a number of related lists for the form. The following related lists are common to all forms for manageable CIs.

  • Network Adapters
  • CI IPs
  • DNS Names for CIs

The IP version information appears in all IP address related lists and forms.

Note: Since all paths here click into the IP Address to DNS Names list that associates an IP address with a DNS name, this part of the common flow was not added to the tree structure.

2 Example: Linux Server sanops02

The sample flow shown here describes a Linux server called sanops02, which contains two network interfaces, each with two IP addresses. Click the plus (+) signs in the collapsible tree to expand the perspective.


  • Network Adapters - Displays all the NICs installed on this CI
  • CI IPs - Displays all the IP addresses on this CI
This related list displays the version number of each IP address (IPv4 or IPv6). IPv6 address Discovery is supported for the following devices:
  • Computers (workstations, laptops using various Mac and Windows operating systems)
  • Windows servers
  • Linux servers
  • AIX servers
  • Solaris servers
  • Devices discovered through SNMP.
  • DNS Names for CIs - Displays all the DNS names on this CI
This related list displays the version number of each IP address.

3 Discovery Source

A table called Source [sys_object_source], available in the Aspen release, stores information identifying the source of a Discovery (ServiceNow or another product), the ID of that source, and the date/time of the last scan. To view this information, configure a CI form and add the Sources related list. This table is populated automatically when the Discovery plugin is enabled.


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