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Note: This article applies to Fuji and earlier releases. For more current information, see Add Users to a Watch List at

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1 Overview

Watch lists allow multiple users to subscribe to notifications of a task. To receive these notifications, users must have an email address defined in their user record or enter an email address into the watch list email field.

Note: Administrators configure email notifications for watch lists (see Configuring Watch Lists).

Watch list

2 Using Watch Lists

To use a watch list:

  1. Expand the watch list by clicking the lock icon ( FormUnlockUI15.png / FormUnlockUI14.png / Locked.png).
  2. Select users with the glide list controls (see table).
UI15 Icon UI14 Icon UI11 Icon Function
FormAddMeUI15.png AddMeUI14.png User_Icon.png Add the current user.
Icon-Delete condition UI15.png RemoveSelectedItemUI14.png Red_X_Delete_Icon.png Remove the highlighted user.
Icon-referenceUI15.png ViewSelectedItemUI14.png User_Record_Icon.png Open the highlighted user's record (active only when a user record exists).
AddRemoveMultipleUI15.png AddRemoveMultiple.png Many-to-Many_Icon.png Open a slushbucket to add or remove multiple users (not available until a record has initially been saved).
LockUI15.png LockOpenUI14.png Lock-Open_Icon.png Collapse or expand the watch list.
Search icon Heisenberg.png Icon-searchglass.png Magnifier_Icon.png Open a reference list to select a single user.
AddEmailAddressUI15.png AddEmailAddressUI14.png Email_Icon.png Enter an email address for users who are not in the User [sys_user] table or do not have an email address defined in their user record.
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